Mike Hyde's Special Projects

My Map Viewer


We currently use two different map viewers to interactively display data on a map. One is the Partner Map viewer, and the other is the Milsoft OMS. From Partner Software. we have one for the PC and one for the iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). The iOS version is not as interactive as we need it to be. It does not show outages, pings, failed reads, blinks... like the PC version can. I was able to make it more usable by integrating it with our Intranet and linking it to UPN-WEB, but I was still not able to display any data on the map itself.


My requirements were pretty basic:

My first attempts can be found here.


After polling a few resources I have met over the years to help with some of the js issues I was no understanding, I was able to come up with this:


The display is interactive, in that any icon can be clicked, or touched, and a useful popup will appear. The map is currently set to refresh every 4 minutes. I may play around with this as more people start using it.

Here are some examples of the interactivity of the map.

Service Orders - Data displayed in the Service Order pop up, varies depending upon the type of Service Order.

Click or touch a light icon:

Click or touch a Recycle symbol icon:

Click or touch a meter icon:

Reads - Click or touch a red or yellow book:

As you can tell, each icon is interactive, and can provide links to oter systems, such as looking up CIS, outage or AMR information using UPN-WEB, pinging/readingthe meter in TWACS, or sending information to a CSR so they can close a Service Order or Collection ticket. I added other stuff, such as restaurants, just to show thepossibilities if what we can ad to it.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me.